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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

... just another Italian Passion


Upon first arriving at the farm, we had 10-12 Mission trees behind the house. We pressed olives for oil for ourselves, and it was good.
9 hectares of olive trees were planted in 2007, namely Mission, Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina were the varieties we chose – a good mixture of South African and Italian cultivars.

Our first harvest was in 2012.

The soil composition on site is granite sand for the first 60-80cm, with clay, accompanied by Malmesbury Shale underneath, promoting coolness.

At Ayama, we take caution when hand harvesting our olives.

We press our olives no more than an hour after harvesting, ensuring low acidity and lots of flavour.
Our Extra Virgin olive oil expresses a nutty and herbal taste, with aromas of artichokes on the nose.

Our 0.18% free acidity olive oil is pressed immediately after picking, guaranteeing low acidity.

Our products are cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils – unfiltered, that preserve all the freshness and natural properties of freshly pressed olives.



MISSION - light body

Pairing:  Celery, Fennel and Carrot “Pinzimonio” (traditional Italian appetizer consisting in row sticks vegetables to dip in a bowl of extra virgin olive oil), also to use it for cooking.

LECCINO (Italian variety) - medium body

Pairing: A drizzle of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil on vegetables or legumes soups.  Enjoyable for seasoning grilled fish. Ideal for preserve food.

FRANTOIO (Italian variety) - medium-full body

Pairing: This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect companion for meats given its light peppery qualities. Finishing red meats with a robust olive oil can make a world of difference for a food that is already so rich in flavor.

CORATINA (Italian variety) - full body

Pairing: This Extra Virgin Olive Oil olive is very versatile and goes well with spinach, lettuce and other classic salad greens. It is a robust and spicy Extra Virgin Olive Oil that have the strongest taste out of all of them and is best for salads that feature bitter greens such as rocket and radish.


AYAMA CORATINA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 



This Italian variety extra virgin olive oil yields a complex and intense oil, finishing in a peppery depth of flavor.

It is vividly fruity, and agreeably pungent. Use to deepen or enrich flavors.

Great when you want that pop of robust olive oil taste to come through.


AYAMA FRANTOIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 



Frantoio olive, typically coming from central Italy, gives an intense green color olive oil with golden reflections.

AYAMA FRANTOIO EVO can be used to season, flavour and enhance many dishes. Has a low acidity, hints of apple, almond, artichoke, light bitter and spicy nuances, overall, the taste is very delicate and harmonious.

Come and discover our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Blend

(Frantoio – Mission – Leccino – Coratina).
Fruity, pungent, spicy or bitter ... enjoy also our Olive Oil Tasting!